BlueHouse breakfast

Today’s the first day of Lotusphere, and for some it kicked off with the Lotus BlueHouse breakfast – a special session for those that were part of the BlueHouse early adopter prorgram, plus associated BlueHouse partners and ISVs.

It was a fascinating session with those in the program sharing their experiences, giving feedback on what could or should be added to the product, and generally discussing the latest news.

First off, the big news will be revealed in the OGS tomorrow, that Lotus BlueHouse will be renamed (evidently IBM products cannot be named ‘blue’ anything!) to…   Lotus…

Sorry – you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!!  Suffice to say that I love the name and think it will be a very big thing for BlueHouse as a product, and actually for Lotus as a brand.  This is going to be important!

Anyway, great breakfast – thanks to Ray Sambrano and Martha Hoyt for arranging!

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