That’s me done…

Sat in the Dolphin lobby in order to get some Wifi – its midnight EST (5am UK) and I am ‘a trifle fatigued’…  A very long but exciting day.

My first ever Penumbra dinner was undoubtedly the highlight – huge thanks to the Turtles and the rest of the Penumbra group for inviting me.  It was a huge honour to attend.

I’d love to say more but I’m cream-crackered, so I’ll leave you with my schedule for today.  It exhausts me just writing it out!

Let home at 6am, Gatwick at 8am,
Lounge at 9:30am, blog/emails until 11am
Departure lounge at 11:10, meet with Paul Mooney, Kerr, John and company
Take off at 11:45, 10 hour flight
Leave MCO at 5:30pm, taxi to Dolphin, arrive at 6:30pm, checkin
Out at 6:45pm, to Penumbra dinner
Leave Penumbra dinner at 10:45pm, bus to Boardwalk
See Matt White, Warren & Kitty, Volker, Kevin, Bill and company
Back to my room for 11:45
Blog and email until now.   Beeeedddd is calling!!

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