Connections 2.0 and Firefox3

Houston, I think we have a problem…

It appears that Connections 2.0 is not compatible with the released version of Firefox3 and its sibling Flock2.  Go to my profile on the new Connections2.0 site and see what you get.

Safari renders it fine (for once), as does IE7.  Whereas Firefox3/Flock2 give the following:


at least four times before completing the page.  This happens on many of the sections of the Connections 2.0 site, whereas BleedYellow (Connections 1.0.2) is fine.  Unfortunately the Greenhouse also suffers the same errors.

I kinda feel sorry for IBM as there is little they can do to legislate for changes in browser configurations, but at the same time, the Firefox3 betas have been around for several months, so I am surprised this hasn’t been seen before.  Does anyone have a pre-GA copy of FF3 they can use to test?

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