developerWorks – Understanding IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony

A super new whitepaper from the folks at developerWorks explains the how Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony helps organisations achieve Unified Communications and Collaboration:

Abstract: This white paper defines the IBM Unified Communications and Collaboration (IBM UC2) vision of making it easy for you to find, reach, and collaborate with others through a unified user experience. This strategy is implemented by means of the IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony (SUT) software offering that is designed to make it easy for you to access and manage telephone communications from inside the Lotus Sametime or Lotus Notes client.
We examine the rich set of SUT features and provide an in-depth technical analysis on how you can add SUT to existing heterogeneous PBX environments without having to replace legacy telephony equipment. Due to the variation of possible deployment options, we cover each scenario from a high level, focusing on how each decision affects the enterprise, down to the individual call flows.
This paper provides supplementary information to other published IBM documents that further describe Lotus Sametime and the IBM UC2 vision.

Available as a PDF, more information is available here.

(Thanks to @SteveCogan for spotting this one.)

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