dji spark white

DJI Spark launches. Seize the moment!

This looks amazing. The new DJI Spark. Smaller than your average smartphone:

Meet Spark, DJI’s first ever mini drone. Signature technologies, new gesture control, and unbelievable portability make your aerials more fun and intuitive than ever before. With five different colors, there’s a Spark for everyone.

Casey Neistat and Marques Brownlee have already taken a look:

The Spark costs just $499 and is available for order today in the US for shipping on 15th June.

Whilst other DJI drones may be more capable – the Spark only has a 2-axis gimbal compared to the Mavic’s 3-axis, and only shoots 1080p video –  the price and size of the Spark looks very persuasive…

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  • Sean Cull

    You do know you can’t legally ( and for good reason ) fly them within 50m of a person or building ? I have been an R/C hobbyist since a kid and the impact of these things has been huge – in a very negative way – a lot more regulation is coming as a result. 🙁

    • Yep, I’m aware. My father was an avid modeller and I spent what seemed like most of my childhood up on Dorset hillsides flying them…

      I see your point, but love the benefits these drones have brought to photographers and videographers over the past decade. Yes, there are risks and regulation is necessary, but I’d hate to see them banned.