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Stuart McIntyre (2011)My passion and focus is on Social Business - the application of social methods and technologies to support organisational business processes, collaboration with partners and customers, and to enable improved productivity and innovation.

Welcome to my site - the new home for my writings, presentations, videos, podcasts and community contributions. I'd love your feedback and of course would be very interested to hear from you regarding exciting projects you'd like me to help with! More >

  • Culture

    Social Business is about individuals and organisations working with others to achieve a positive common result. Cultivating the right culture is a vital component of making Social Business work. Leaders, executives, and managers help to create the conditions for it to work. More

  • Adoption

    Some say 'build it and they will come!', but we know from experience that this is rarely the case. Social Business is new to many, so innovative approaches are needed to assist users to see the possibilities and to embrace the change - introducing technology alone won't modify established behaviours. More

  • Technology

    Whilst I would be the first to argue that technology is not the complete answer to Social Business challenges, it is an important part of the solution. Rarely is a vendor product going to be completely suitable 'out of the box'. Find out which technologies I recommend and work with. More

  • Hire Me

    I work for organisations on both short- and long-term contracts, and am able to offer advice in a consultancy capacity, manage and recruit a team of experts or even work full-time for your team. Many organisations have already seen the value I can deliver in these roles. More

IBM abandons 2015 Plan

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) said it will no longer reach its earnings forecast for 2015, ditching a five-year profit goal as the company struggles to transform quickly enough to cope with an industrywide shift to the cloud-computing era.

IBM said it will provide an update on its 2015 projections in January, according to slides disclosed in a regulatory filing today. The shares tumbled as much as 9.3 percent in early trading.

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Our Full Conference pricing structure is easy and all-inclusive-the earlier you register, the more you save. The price for this conference pass includes four conference days, with breakfast and lunch Monday through Wednesday, and no add-on fees for anything other than certification testing.

Now until October 3rd, the fee is $1,595 USD. The early bird gets the best price! On October 4th, the fee will increase to $1,795 USD.

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My Social Connections VI session: ‘Social Business: The unstoppable force to overcome immovable objections’

As you may have heard by now, we took the significant step of recording every single session at Social Connections VI back in June.  As the videos have been processed and uploaded, the team have been publishing them on our Vimeo channel as well as highlighting some of the most popular sessions on the Social Connections blog – it’s worth checking them out if you haven’t already.

I’m pleased to say that my own session is now online.  Here’s the abstract:

“I’m too busy” “My work is confidential” “I’m never in the office” “My position depends on me being the only source of my knowledge” We’ve all heard objections like these – reasons why key individuals cannot spare the time to share knowledge or to collaborate with others. Whatever the role, be it as executives, consultants, sales people or any other part of your organization, for social business to truly revolutionize your organization’s culture and productivity, these objections must be overcome. In this session, you’ll hear about driving adoption in organizations around the world. Find out how to make the benefits of social business irresistible for all your staff, no matter how immovable they might appear!

I’ve embedded the recording here, or you can watch it on the Vimeo site.  The deck is available on Slideshare (I appreciate it is difficult to see in the video – apologies for that!).

I’d love to hear any feedback you have…



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