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    Social Business is about individuals and organisations working with others to achieve a positive common result. Cultivating the right culture is a vital component of making Social Business work. Leaders, executives, and managers help to create the conditions for it to work. More

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    Some say 'build it and they will come!', but we know from experience that this is rarely the case. Social Business is new to many, so innovative approaches are needed to assist users to see the possibilities and to embrace the change - introducing technology alone won't modify established behaviours. More

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    Whilst I would be the first to argue that technology is not the complete answer to Social Business challenges, it is an important part of the solution. Rarely is a vendor product going to be completely suitable 'out of the box'. Find out which technologies I recommend and work with. More

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My two favourite #IBMConnectED tweets so far…

(I’d buy that shirt in an instant…)

Thanks to all at the conference that are sharing photos, tweets and posts. It’s making like much more bearable for those of us at home!

My favourite audio utility gets a major update

Every single episode of This Week in Lotus (my goodness, I miss that show) that we recorded over Skype was captured using Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro.

This Mac OS X app has always been phenomenally good at managing the audio inputs and outputs available to a Mac system, applying filters and effects, and then writing high-quality recordings out to just about any format you can name.

However, Audio Hijack Pro has become a little long in the tooth over the past few years, with the last significant update almost a decade ago. The UI certainly looked out of place on the recent versions of OS X – Mavericks and Yosemite.

The great news is that Rogue Amoeba has just release a brand spanking new version of the product – Audio Hijack 3:

Featuring a beautiful new UI, and significant new features, this looks a huge update for loyal users of the app.

The new app costs $49 for first-time buyers, or $25 as an upgrade.

You can download a free trial from Rogue Ameoba’s site (it overlays noise on recordings of more than 10 minutes), and it’s worth checking out Jason Snell’s review for more detail.

I can’t wait to get recording with it…


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