Do you know about The Lotusphere Podcast?

Most folks that follow me here at Collaboration Matters will know about This Week in Lotus by now – the weekly podcast that Darren Duke and I host, covering all things Lotus in a roundtable discussion format.

However, you may not be aware of the other podcast that I am heavily involved in – The Lotusphere Podcast. Since 2009, we have been recording 1:1 conversations with organisations and individuals in the Lotusphere community, covering their Lotusphere stories, plans for the conference, major announcements and more.

For Lotusphere 2011, we have already released the following shows:

The Lotusphere Podcast 013 – Bruce Elgort
The Lotusphere Podcast 014 – Rob Wunderlich
The Lotusphere Podcast 015 – Mitch Cohen – The Blogger Open
The Lotusphere Podcast 016 – Matt White & Mark Myers – It’s A Small Lotus World
The Lotusphere Podcast 017 – Ben Chapman – IBM Solutions for Apple
The Lotusphere Podcast 018 – Joyce Davis – VideoFest into the spotlight!  

We plan on completing at least another 20 shows before the end of the Lotusphere season – including many interviews at the conference itself.  If you’d like to take part, please just let us know!

Accept no imitation – there is only one Lotusphere Podcast! 😉

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