Enterprise Innovation and Technology Adoption Guide

Enterprise Innovation and Technology Adoption Guide
An IBM Redguide publication

This IBM Redguide publication provides a strategic overview of the IBM Chief Information Officer’s Technology Adoption Program (TAP) within the IBM Corporation. It also provides a detailed description of the process management framework that supports the program.

TAP FrameworkThis guide is for organizations that are considering the deployment of a similar program. It highlights the key internal organizational factors that contribute to the success of TAP, as well as the extent to which the program takes advantage of the new collaborative community environment and technologies that are associated with the trends toward Web 2.0.

Taking advantage of Web 2.0 style community dynamics is key to the success of the TAP. The TAP strategy focuses on supporting community dynamics within IBM. In this guide, we highlight the importance of understanding what this support means within an Enterprise 2.0 context.

An excellent insight into how IBM tests software in an early deployment program. Well worth a read!

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