Google increases UK price for Google Apps Premier

Headline:  Google ups the cost of its SaaS offering by a massive 32% due to the weakness of the UK Pound!!

The backstory: Google Apps Premier is still only 33GBP per year 😉

We’re writing to let you know about a pricing change to Google Apps Premier Edition.

Google reviews prices on a quarterly basis, and the price of Google Apps Premier ($50 and 25GBP for UK customers) has remained unchanged for the last two years. Effective immediately, the price will change from 25GBP per user, per year to 33GBP per user, per year for all customers transacting in GBP. At renewal, you will be charged the new price of 33GBP per user, per year. The price of Google Apps Premier for USD and EUR will remain at the same price of $50 and €40 respectively, the current increase for GBP reflects the recent unprecedented changes in the dollar versus pound exchange rate.

We believe that Google Apps Premier continues to represent affordable innovation and excellent value for money for businesses of all sizes, compared to traditional desktop solutions. We are committed to continuous innovation and helping businesses like yours benefit from seamless introduction of new features such as Google Video for business, Google Sites and Google voice and video chat. We’re constantly working to build the most innovative products for our customers and look forward to introducing even more functionality to Google Apps Premier.

If you have any questions regarding this update, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the support tab in your Google Apps control panel

I like the tone of the email too – honest and straightfoward…

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