IBM abandons 2015 Plan

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) said it will no longer reach its earnings forecast for 2015, ditching a five-year profit goal as the company struggles to transform quickly enough to cope with an industrywide shift to the cloud-computing era.

IBM said it will provide an update on its 2015 projections in January, according to slides disclosed in a regulatory filing today. The shares tumbled as much as 9.3 percent in early trading.

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  • They may have abandoned the road map, I very much doubt they are abandoning the journey of cost-cutting their way to positive revenue.

    • I hope you’re wrong Darren, and that this might be seen as the day that some sanity returned to the corporation.

  • Nick Halliwell

    IBM really appears to have lost its way. I have been a Lotus Notes fan since 1990, They had a world beating product, now instead of making it better they are messing around changing the name of its components, rather than addressing the need of the product The lack of a a way for with the SSL is a case in point. POODLE SSL another related one.

    Why has IBM wasted so much time and money on change the name of Sametime, its was fine as it was, everyone knew what Sametime was. Please can someone tell Rometty, to stop tinkering and get back to what IBM do best and that product world beating QUALITY products, with quality people.

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