Idea Jam is out of beta!

Bruce tells us that Idea Jam has gone Gold!

Today Idea Jam came out of beta testing and is now available for all in the IBM Lotus Community. The press release will hit the wires early next week.

Image:Idea Jam is out of beta!

Many thanks again to Matt, Sean, Kelly and Gayle for their hard work and dedication to making Idea Jam go from an idea to a product in only a few months. Mark Barton’s graphs will be showing up on Idea Jam very soon. A big thank you to the Lotus ISV’s, Business Partners and Organizations who have inquired about purchasing the Idea Jam for use in their environment. We are still on target to make Idea Jam available for purchase during the first quarter of 2008.

The Idea Jam is proving to be such a great tool for all of us in the Lotus community, and will also be a really awesome product when it gets packages up and sold during 1Q08.  I know that we will be using it with Morpheus, and I am sure that many other similar companies, big and small, will find it to be the answer to their prayers for collating, discussing and evaluating ideas.   At first I was think this was a very focused application, devoted to product features, but the more I consider it the more I can see it being used in all areas of an organisation – ideas for policies, procedures, marketing plans, advertising, value propositions, SLA improvements – the list goes on.

And all this from a Domino Application, a great looking Domino application.  Bruce, Matt, Sean and the others should be very very proud….

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