Twittering Lotusphere!

What an awesome idea, Chris has created a Twitter channel for Lotusphere08:

In order to foster faster communication with everyone at Lotusphere, or even if you just wish to sit back and watch, there will be a Lotusphere channel you can follow and post to.  Twitter is setting it up so if you set yourself to follow all the tweets, you can also post to it so everyone gets them.  Talk about instant communication when not everyone can be on Sametime and there is breaking news, a vendor giving away cool stuff, when you want to find people or when a vendor has an open party.  The possibilities are endless.  I talked to some Loti in and around the social networking area to see if they had anything built for this, the immediate answer was they didn’t think so.

everyone should set Twitter to FOLLOW. You can follow any profile on Twitter by sending follow+username.  For example, people would send:

follow Lotusphere

to Twitter from IM or phone.  People can also go right to the profile page, where you can click the  “follow” button located under the profile name.

This will be a great way for all the attendees (and those that don’t make it to Orlando) to follow the news, gossip and trends from the best tradeshow out there.  Join twitter now, and subscribe to follow the #Lotusphere channel today.  Follow me too!

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