Twitter timeline zero

Over the years, my Twitter followed list had become somewhat cluttered… Just over 4,000 accounts – the usual mixture of friends, family, colleagues, partners, thought leaders, brands and celebrities.  I’d had a few occasional cleanups, but put it this way, it was becoming difficult to see the wood for the trees.  The signal to noise ratio […]

Twitter 2009 – by the numbers

It’s been yet another busy year on Twitter: (Click to enlarge) … though unlike many others, my overall Tweetings haven’t increase substantially over 2008.  Instead, I believe that the types of tweets have changed, with more discussions taking place and more relationships being built and strengthened through the medium of micro-blogging.  In addition, Collaboration Matters […]


Twitter is down! What should I do?  Ummm. Of course, I need to tweet to tell folks that it’s down.  Ah.  Doh!

Who says I’m not positive?

I have, on occasion, been accused of being too negative.  I never believed that this is truly the case – I try to tell things as they are, happy to represent them in a positive light but also pulling up aspects that don’t meet the standard I would expect. So I was happy to see […]

How connected are you?

Seeing as it is universally recognised that all us Lotus bloggers are ASWs (!), you’ll be wanting to know how’s you’re rated as far as being “connected” in the community, right? Well, at least in the Twitter world, that’s now possible, albeit in a rather simplistic way.  Enter, Simply type in your Twitter ID […]

Twellow, hello…

I’m sure most of you will be aware that I’m a bit of a Twitter nut these days, and am always on the lookout for good new folks to follow.  Most of the time I find them via other contacts’ replies, or else using some of the recommendation engines that are out there, but there […]

What’s your Twitter Karma?

Good spot by the ever-alert Chris Miller, Your Twitter Karma: The site describes itself thus: So, what is it? The other day, @StephAgresta said, “Twitter desperately needs page navigation on followers / following list. Also sort functionality by type (reciprocated or not) is a must.” I suggested a simple mashup that implements this and started […]

Great post on why Twitter is important to IBM

Super post by David Tebbutt, entitled “To Twit, to who?“: Like blogging, Second Life, instant messaging, Facebook and all the other social computing activities before it, at first glance Twitter looks a bit mad and potentially very disruptive. It is, essentially, mini-blogging. 140 characters to say what you like when you like. Your posts appear […]


So says Snitter when you send an exactly 140-character long tweet!  The music that plays is rather cool too – such a nice touch! And if you have no idea what I’m blathering about, you really should be on Twitter, twittering yourself and following my tweets. Go there now!

Twittering Lotusphere!

What an awesome idea, Chris has created a Twitter channel for Lotusphere08: In order to foster faster communication with everyone at Lotusphere, or even if you just wish to sit back and watch, there will be a Lotusphere channel you can follow and post to.  Twitter is setting it up so if you set yourself […]

Ambient Intimacy

Ambient Intimacy

Great post on the disambiguity blog from Leisa Reichelt, detailing how new Web2.0 style tools (including Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, Skype etc.) are increasing the levels of “Ambient Intimacy” that we share with friends and colleagues

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em – Jaiku

Yes, I’ve signed up to Jaiku. For those that aren’t aware, internet presence awareness tools such as Twitter and Jaiku have been around for about 6-9 months now, providing a means to tell others on the ‘net what you’re up to, thinking, involved in etc, either via a web browser or your mobile phone. You can also sign up to view other peoples messages (“Tweets” in Twitters terminology) so you can keep track of others too.