Implementing Domino Transactional Logging?

If you are using, or are planning to use, Transactional Logging on your Domino servers, then this technote should be your Bible:

Notes/Domino Best Practices: Transaction Logging
The following document is a draft checklist for Domino Best Practices – Transaction Logging. The document includes references, links and Best Practice guidelines.

The Transaction Logging process captures database changes and writes them sequentially to the transaction log. This improves performance and ensures data integrity of databases by committing to the transaction log first before writing to the Notes database. If a critical failure occurs and the server is restarted the databases will be automatically recovered without the need for a consistency check or you can use the transaction log and a third-party backup utility to recover your databases when archival logging is used. Its main purpose is three-fold: to improve performance on the Domino server through sequential writes to the transactional logs, better data integrity by avoiding inconsistencies and data corruption, and faster server restart and crash recovery.

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