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I love MOO cards – they have the coolest bizcards out there, and the rest of their products are pretty cool too… logoAs you may know, we’ve been busy these last few months planning a ‘USA version’ of MOO – and we’re excited to announce it’s officially live! Now, we have a feeling you’re based outside the USA, so you might not be quite as excited as we are – but, there is news that affects you too.

We thought it would be easier to explain with a quick Q&A – so stick with us as we ask and answer questions on your behalf:

What does the ‘USA version of MOO’ mean?
Good question. This is a way that anyone in USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Hong Kong and China can place an order with
MOO and have it printed and shipped from Rhode Island, in the United States. It means it’ll get to their doors a bit quicker, as it starts off a lot closer.

But… I still want my cards shipped from the UK, it’s quicker for me!
Don’t panic – our hearts and minds are still based in London, not to mention our printers and our warehouse. When you log on to, Little MOO will work behind the scenes, to display the new ‘European version of the site’ automatically. You just place your orders as you always have and they’ll be shipped from London.

If you’d like to double check you’re on the European version of MOO, look to the top right of the page. It confirms which store you’re in, and gives you the chance to switch.

So, tell us the good stuff!
Well, we’re pleased to say that we’ve rolled out a new shipping system! It means multiple products in one order will now ship together, making the cost of shipping cheaper.

We’ve also decreased the overall cost of shipping on all our products.

We do listen to your comments and requests – so we’re excited to be able to tell you this ones in the bag, at last!

Yay! Tell us more good stuff!
More? Oh go on then. We’re also pleased to announce a special launch discount – which works on the European store.

Spend 10GBP or more and get free standard shipping by using the code W8QA7Q on the payment page!

The offer expires on 6th May 2009, so you’d better get a move on!

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