Last minute request for assistance – US 3G SIM card?

I’ve tweeted this request a few times but not got a useful answer as yet.

I’m lucky enough to have a unlocked 3G/HSDPA ExpressCard modem which I can use worldwide (great deal from Expansys by the way). Unfortunately my operator in the UK, T-Mobile, insists on charging GBP7.50 ($11 or something) per Megabyte (!!!!!!) for data use in the USA.  Errr thanks, but no thanks!  They don’t no any kind of roaming bundle for the US, nor have any relationship with T-Mobile USA that would mean I could get a US-based SIM card whilst out there.  And mobile operators wonder why they are disliked so much!

So, wonderful Lotus folks, I need some help…

Can anyone recommend a US-based GSM SIM card (no modem required) deal that includes a bundle of 3G data (say 1GB+) on a prepaid or pay-as-you-go basis?  Ideally one that I could order online for delivery to my Lotusphere hotel.

Your help would be much appreciated!

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