Live-blogging the Lotusphere OGS

Yet another community effort to allow non-attendees to get the most from Lotusphere 2009

Throughout the Lotusphere Opening General Session (OGS) next Monday morning, Declan Sciolla-Lynch, The Turtle, Paul Mooney, Matt White and I will be live blogging together.

You’ll be able to get the feed here at Collaboration Matters, on the LotusphereBlog or on the other contributors’ own blogs and see live reports from the OGS (including photos) in an auto-refreshing easy-to-follow interface.  Each of the contributors is taking their own specialist topic to cover and so you’ll see some informed and intelligent coverage – well we hope so anyway!  In addition, as a viewer, you’ll be able to submit live comments and questions to the feed, so it should be a truly interactive experience.

So come join us at from 7:30am EST (12:30pm GMT) to follow Lotusphere live!

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