Visions of Lotusphere

Wow, just 3 days until Lotusphere 2009 kicks off – where has that time gone?

Thoughts turn to how I’m going to cover the event best – something I am determined to do is to take more photos this year, and to take better photos at the same time.  Looking back at my Lotusphere2007 photo set, neither aim should be too difficult to achieve!  With my DSLR and decent lenses this time around, I’m hoping in particular that I can capture some good shots of the OGS and mini-keynotes even from a few rows back.

So, how will I be posting the photos?

Well Flickr is the place to be as far as I am concerned – other photo sites have better features or more whizzy UIs, but nothing comes close to the ease of use of Flickr and the community that is on the site.

My Lotusphere photos will all be tagged with the standard tag ‘lotusphere2009’ and be posted in a new set called… ‘lotusphere2009’.  You will be able to see them here.

In addition, I’ll be collaborating with a bunch of other community folks on a special Flickr stream we’re calling LotusphereLive – a series of off-the-cuff, funny and candid camera-phone images covering the whole Lotusphere experience.  Get more details of this on the LotusphereBlog.  Those images can be found here.

Lastly, all Lotusphere photos this year should be tagged ‘lotusphere2009’ so you can view a stream of everyone’s images here.

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