Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 4 now available

Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 4 is now available! Give it a try. Tell us what you think.

Lotus Symphony 3 Beta represents a major new advancement for our Lotus Symphony users. Based on current OpenOffice.org 3 code stream. Lotus Symphony 3 Beta offers loads of new features and capabilities and improved file fidelity. The Lotus Symphony team is excited to get it out to you and get your feedback.

Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 4 adds some exciting new enhancements. We’ve focused on performance. In addition we’ve enabled the support for adding additional spell check dictionaries into the product and added support for VML images.

We’ve done some additional work around installation to support a silent installation option for Windows. We’ve added some enhancements to the user experience like remembering file paths when you insert objects and some enhancements to the import data functions.

This is our last planned Beta so your feedback is really important to us.

So, download Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 4 today and try it out.

We do caution you though, as with all betas, there are still some kinks to work out before we’re finished. So, please treat this as beta code and not production code. And, please take care to choose the right forum for support and feedback.

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