LotusLive – “full collaboration with no taxation”

IBM’s Todd ‘Turbo”Watson gives us his experience of using LotusLive:

LotusLive MeetingsLotusLive offers affordable, company-to-company social networking and online collaboration tools, and can help businesses work smarter (not harder) by allowing them to form their own virtual communities in the cloud.

This helps them better connect with their colleagues, partners, suppliers, and even customers from within and beyond their own firewalls.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in giving LotusLive a test drive, IBM is offering no taxation on collaboration for a full 30-days. That’s right, you can try LotusLive Engage gratis for 30 whole days!

You can’t afford NOT to collaborate when there’s full collaboration with no taxation!

I recently used one of the LotusLive basic services to participate in a panel discussion at a conference being held in Washington, D.C. a couple of thousand miles away.

Using the Lotus Sametime Unyte (now LotusLive Meetings) package, several hundred people in a big conference room were able to see my ugly mug projected on a big screen, and I was able to participate in the panel as if I were right there in the room.

It was very cool, and dare I say it, the next best thing to being there.

Full collaboration with no taxation. But you’ll have to bring your own tea.

I love that line… “Full collaboration with no taxation”. Nice one, Todd.

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