Mandatory fix for Domino 8.5 ID Vault

In planning for a new Domino 8.5 deployment utilising DAOS and ID Vault, I came across the following technote:


An issue has been found with the Lotus Domino 8.5 ID Vault feature which requires customers to apply a patch to the Lotus Domino server.  See below for additional details.


Customers that are piloting or deploying the ID Vault feature on Lotus Domino 8.5 using production ID files are required to apply this fix.  This issue was found internally at IBM and impacts the Domino 8.5 server on all operating systems.  

A fix is currently available for most operating systems and can be downloaded from the IBM Fix Centralweb site.  Refer to the following technote for details on obtaining the fix.

Technote #1381562 — Readme for IBM Lotus Domino server release 8.5 Interim Fix 3 (85IF3)

At this time, customers running Domino on Solaris, iSeries and zLinux must contact IBM Support to obtain the fix.  This issue has a Software Problem Report (SPR) tracking number of NEKO7NSNFR.

So if you’re using (or planning to use) the ID Vault feature, make sure you acquire and apply Domino 8.5 Interim Fix 3…

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