Making it easier to find the Lotus product wikis

I don’t know about you, but I love the Lotus product wikis – they’re becoming treasure troves of useful information voluntarily entered by both IBMers and members of the community.  As the ‘barrier to entry’ of content submission is much lower than with the Lotus Infocenters, more relevant content gets added, kept up to date and modified according to best practice.  It’s getting to the stage when we would struggle to do without them on most complex projects we take on.

So that said, what’s the problem?

I cannot find the blasted things using a memorable URL!

I tend to end up using Google to search for the individual wiki I need, even when I’ve been there multiple times in the past.  ‘What’s up with using a bookmark?’ I hear you ask… Well, like many consultants, I’m very rarely using my own machine as I’m expected to used the PC, VM or remote desktop session that my customer gives me, and so my bookmarks aren’t always available.  To some extent, IBM doesn’t help this as the name of the site isn’t as simple as it might be ( and the wiki database names are formatted differently for many of the products.

My solution?

Simply enter’name of the product’ and you’ll get redirected instantaneously to the appropriate wiki, e.g.:

the list of all the Lotus/Portal wikis

Lotus Notes/Domino wiki

Lotus Notes/Domino wiki

Lotus Quickr wiki

Lotus Sametime wiki

Lotus Connections wiki

Lotus Symphony wiki

Lotus Designer wiki

Lotus Designer wiki

LotusLive wiki

There are more redirects configured than listed above, so most links you try should work… Let me know if you need additional aliases added or that there are Wikis that I’ve missed.

Hope this helps some of you be more productive when searching for Lotus content – to be honest it’s fulfilling a selfish need of my own, but if it helps the community then all the better!

Stuart McIntyre is a Senior Strategist at Fostering Community Limited. He curates a number of product-focused news sites, is a lapsed podcaster, founded the Social Connections user group and regularly speaks at conferences and events. This blog represents his own slightly-eccentric and usually-controversial opinions!