Microsoft just exhaled…

… so the BBC just reported it …

Yes, the BBC‘s huge technology coverage bias towards the Redmond direction continues.  As Darren Adams and others have pointed out, the BBC (which is supposed to be impartial and definitely not funded by advertising or sponsorship, of course)  has a history of reporting every twitch of the MS PR machine, and offers barely a mention of IBMs significant announcements or discoveries.

The latest example is this article covering Microsoft’s announcement of the new Live Mesh service:

Microsoft has lifted the lid on a new web service called Live Mesh, designed to connect a multiplicity of devices and applications online.

The service is seen by many as a key plank in the company’s vision for the future of the web.

Live Mesh is designed to blur the lines between running software and storing data on a desktop and “in the cloud”.

Microsoft’s Amit Mital said Live Mesh would “connect and bring devices together… to work in concert”.

So, Microsoft’s “me too” announcement gets far more coverage than any of the other vendors mentioned in the article (, Google, Amazon etc.) own offerings, and indeed, far more than it actually deserves.

Check out this list:


Hits on BBC site








9,640 (including Lotus flowers, Lotus cars etc.)


Hmmm…. Bias? What does it look like to you?

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