The hourly practice here in the UK this last couple of days:
1.        Check
2.        Check feedreader
3.        Check Technorati for lotusphere2008 posts
4.        Check Lotusphere2008 feed on Flickr
5.        Review Twitter tweets
6.        Back to 1 again!

This is so hard… So much more difficult than I imagined.  It’s a conference, right? A dull old business conference, where you shake lots of hands, try to remember some new names, and sit through hours and hours of Powerpoint Hell.

So, why the heck am I so wrapped up in what is going on 3,500 miles away? As the guys at Lotus911 might say, perhaps it’s because The Possible is Yellow?  And of course, that all my mates are having a whale of a time out there too…  Sounds like it’s been a blast so far!  

Can’t wait to hear news from the OGS later today….

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