New Redguide: IBM LotusLive: A Social Networking and Collaboration Platform for the Midmarket

A 10-page overview of the LotusLive services portfolio for business leaders:

IBM LotusLive is a portfolio of online services that deliver scalable, security-rich email, web conferencing, and collaboration solutions, enabling you to interact with your employees and business network without in-house IT resource requirements. It is a cost-effective way to communicate better with your employees and business network. With LotusLive you benefit from essential and effective collaboration tools in a securely designed environment that helps simplify and improve your daily business interactions with customers, partners, and colleagues.

This IBM Redguide publication highlights the IBM LotusLive services, including details about the business need and business value of these services. It provides a scenario showing how these services can apply to your business and presents a high-level discussion of the LotusLive cloud-based architecture.

A useful guide to pass to those interested in moving to the cloud in general or the Lotuslive solutions in particular.

An aside:
I’m not quite sure why IBM is now using the ITSO Redbooks team to produce/host whitepapers and sales materials (particularly for Lotus products that have been painfully devoid of IBM Redbooks for the past 3 years or so) – seems a strange decision given the history there.

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