Notes 8 and Twitter – of course Widgets!

Those that follow Ideajam may remember that I raised an idea that Twitter is becoming so pervasive that we should be looking to integrate it with the awesome Notes 8 client.  The success of the Twitter Lotusphere coverage has been so successful that this idea seems even more relevant today.

Well it suddenly came to me today… Widgets! This great new feature included in Notes8.0.1 allows the easy integration of Google Gadgets into the Notes8 sidebar.  There are a number of Twitter gadgets available in the Gadget Catalog, as well as gadgets for Facebook and other Web2.0 apps.  

So what do you need to do?

Get hold of Notes8.0.1 – obviousy for most this will be when it becomes available later this quarter.
Go to the Google Gadget homepage and search for the Twitter gadget you wish to add. Copy the URL to use – I am using
Click the Add Widget button.
Choose Google Gadget as the widget type to add.
Paste in the URL from above
Accept the Google Gadget Terms of Service
Set the component parameters: Widget name, Twitter Username (stuartmcintyre), Feed, Max Posts etc.
Choose to add as a Sidebar panel. Click Finish.


I’d love to show this in action but can’t at the moment.  That will have to wait until later!

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