Notes databases on the iPhone???

Surely this is just too good to be true??

Information Week says:

IBM (NYSE: IBM) is close to releasing software for some of Steve Jobs’ hottest platforms, including the iPhone and the Mac OS X Leopard operating system, InformationWeek has confirmed. IBM also said it’s porting its new Informix “Cheetah” database to Apple’s Leopard OS.

Sources with knowledge of IBM’s plans on Thursday confirmed that the company will introduce a version of its Lotus Notes e-mail client for the iPhone next week at the Lotusphere conference in Orlando.

The software will give iPhone users the ability to access the full range of Notes tools, including e-mail, calendars and databases, from the sleek mobile device. (emphasis mine)

and further on:

Previously, Apple has had difficulty establishing itself as a serious player in the business computing market — but support from IBM could change that.

A trial version of Informix Cheetah for the Mac is now available for download, IBM said.

IBM and Apple previously worked together, along with Motorola, to develop the PowerPC processor for the Mac in 1991 — but since then, joint efforts between the two vendors have been few and far between.

However, a stream of new Apple-friendly software from IBM could indicate that IBM is eyeing Cupertino as a strategic partner.

Such a move would be consistent with recent IBM efforts to stimulate the growth of alternatives to computing platforms and applications, such as the Windows OS and Office, developed by rival Microsoft.

I think that all this news might be one of the reasons why my Lotus on Mac abstract ““It just works!” Why Lotus and Apple Macs can be the collaborative client of choice “for the rest of us”.” was declined for this Lotusphere – it sounds as if the presentation would have been very out of date come 11am on Monday.

Finally, I like Information World’s take on IBM moving resources from developing on Linux to the Mac platform.  As I’ve been saying for months (I really must dig out the links), if only IBM had invested as much in the MAC OS X platform as they have in the Linux desktop then we would be far further on with offering a real alternative to Windows and Outlook.  

This is great great news.  Well done IBM/Lotus.

PS. I hear the rumour is that Steve Jobs will present at the keynote on Monday – surely this cannot be true?!?

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