Ooooh, I want one…

Two desirable items that hit my feed reader today, that I just want need so much 😉

1. The new Blackberry “Thunder”

Image:Ooooh, I want one...
That’s right folks an anonymous tipster has sent us shots of the highly anticipated BlackBerry Thunder. The Thunder also known as BlackBerry 9500 will feature a huge 360×480 touch display and will apparently run on OS 4.7. This device will be a great multimedia player and could bring CDMA carriers true iPhone competition. The Thunder will run a carrier music store which similar to the iPhone’s iTunes store and will allow users to purchase songs from their device. The display on the Thunder most likely will be a glass surface similar to the iPhone.

I so want an iPhone 3G, but can’t have one for a couple of reasons – first, cos’ I really couldn’t give up my Blackberry for email purposes, and secondly, I wouldn’t touch O2 (the chosen iPhone carrier here in the UK) with a very long barge pole. This might just provide a very nice alternative – at least if Blackberry sort out their Mac syncing issues.

2. The “YellowCube

Image:Ooooh, I want one...
Decided to test the waters with our new product. As we found the Lotus Foundation Micro2 server not really practical for my clients, we decided to up the ante.

What if that micro2 was a little bigger, and had 2 drives, 4gb of RAM or more and a really fast processor?
You could load Lotus Foundations, Linux, Windows or whatever else you want on it too!

And it was preloaded with Domino with Sametime or Quickr or …

What if you could pick it up and take it ANYWHERE, ANYTIME?

And what if it came in Yellow?

Now, this is a great idea, Keith, and one that I can see being very very popular.  Nice one!

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