Redbooks – a revival

Greg Engels informs us that ‘Redbooks are back!‘:

There is a residency open for writing the “Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager, LO-DD09-R01”, it is scheduled to run three weeks onsite in Cambridge, MA and three weeks remote with some time in-between to catch up on the work. It is lead by John Bergland who is an excellent project leader and has co-authored countless lotus Redbooks including the one that we were writing two years ago.

So real residencies are back – 3 weeks onsite in Cambridge, MA, and 3 weeks remote (or ‘virtual’).  That makes so much more sense – starting such a large piece of work using just a series of web conferences was next to impossible, whereas working face-to-face for 3 weeks to get the project underway then completing on an individual/remote basis will work just fine.

Thanks for listening, IBM…

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