Resetting Websphere security

Another WebSphere Application Server (WAS) tip…

If you, ahem, forget your WAS Admin password, then you will be locked out from your Websphere console, and won’t be able to stop the WAS server.  A bit of a bind I can tell you…

Well, fortunately this can be rectified as long as you have access to your WAS server’s OS platform:

To disable global security, edit the server security.xml file. The security.xml file can be found in the {mountpoint}/AppServer/config/cells/ directory.

To disable global security, edit the security.xml. Search for the line that begins with the following tag: security:Security. In that line search for enabled. The word following enabled is true. Change it to false. Save the file. Restart the server. Global security is now disabled.

Now of course I wouldn’t be silly enough to ever need to do this, right!?!

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