Run Notes on the Mac?

… then you need to add your feedback to Mary Beth Raven’s post on the Notes Design Blog:

How “Mac” do you want Notes on a Mac to be?

Apple Aficionados,

I hope you are enjoying the official, shipping version of Notes 8.5 on the Mac. I think it’s the best Mac version we’ve ever had (thanks to folks like Chris Majoros, Sarah Lachance, and Carrie Tracy).
We want to make it even better.

And that is why I’m writing. in the past, many customers liked the fact that Notes looked and acted the same on every platform. It made it easier to support.  and we all want to keep support costs low these days. However, the Mac users  clearly thought that Notes on a Mac was not “Mac enough.”

Is Notes 8.5 “Mac Enough” while still being relatively easy/inexpensive to support?
Why or why not?

Get over there and add your 2 cents.  They’re listening!

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