Sametime 8 announced today

Exciting news, Sametime 8 has been announced today, in three of its four flavours:

IBM Lotus Sametime Standard 8.0 and IBM Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server 8.0 deliver continued enhancements

IBM Lotus Sametime Entry software delivers core enterprise instant messaging capabilities at an affordable price

I assume that Advanced will follow along at a later date.

The Sametime product pages have had a refresh too, as you might expect, with a cool new “Get the Buzz” page:

Image:Sametime 8 announced today
I like the way the different levels have been split out, as I think this will make sense for a lot of SMBs.  However, as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, I do think the Entry/Standard/Advanced tags are a huge retrograde step – so 2004 (well apart from Vista of course)…

Adam Gartenberg has a very nice summary of the new features and the announcement details on his blog.

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