Significant updates to LotusLive Meetings (Sametime Unyte)

On the whole, I’ve been mightily impressed with the many LotusLive Meetings I attend each week.  However, it’s always good to see improvements and enhancements being made.  The latest set of updates happened this weekend.

Question: What are the new / updated functional improvements on the current release of Unyte Meeting (8/15/09)?

Answer: The current release of Unyte Meeting (8/15/09) provided the following enhancements:

User Interface improvements:

-New Participant Toolbar button to toggle between “Full Size” (no scaling, scroll-bars) and “Fit to Window” (scale to fit window) during application sharing.

-Publish menu reorganized to move common functions to the top.

-Chat participant list and chat recipient drop-down can now be sorted (alphabetically or by join order).

-New Erase toolbar option to quickly erase all annotations.

-New System Information icon to provide detailed troubleshooting and support details of the local environment.

Performance & Reliability Improvements:

-Application sharing performance improvements using increased compression with standardized platform decoders.

-Major improvements to Audiocast reliability and fidelity.  New Java applet and native players replace the Flash player.
-Recording has been re-written to improve reliability and usability.  Recordings are now created in industry standard MOV format.  Zip and self extract files are no longer needed.  The MOV files utilize high quality H264 video that is also more editable with standard video editing tools.  The recording will be smaller in size but higher in quality.
Please Note:  Playback of the MOV file requires the Apple QuickTime player available at

-Several server side memory optimizations.

-New Conference plug-in delivers security improvements.
Please Note:  Customers currently utilizing the conference plug-in, will need to install the updated plug-in.

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