Speaking at Lotusphere 2011

I’m thrilled, really thrilled…

Two of the sessions I submitted for Lotusphere 2011 have been accepted:

Twelve MORE Things Your Mother Never Told You About Deploying Lotus Connections 3.0 – co-presenting with Rob Wunderlich (Best Practices)

This is a rerun of last year’s successful session dispensing advice to those looking to deploy Lotus Connections.  Completely refreshed for the new release of Lotus Connections, and featuring a whole host of new tips and tricks, we aim to pass on much of the knowledge that Rob and I have gained from successful installs and upgrades in the real world of our customer engagements.

From Zero To Enterprise 2.0 Hero – A beginner’s guide to installing Lotus Connections 3.0 – co-presenting with Rob Wunderlich (Show and Tell)

At Lotusphere 2009, the awesome duo of Chris Whisonant and Mitch Cohen delivered a Show and Tell session covering the installation and configuration of Lotus Connections 2.0 in just 400 slides.  This time around, Rob and I step forward to take on the most feared session preparation task of the year!  Between Connections 2.0 and 3.0, the product has got more complex in terms of additional features but the install process has been streamlined considerably, for example with the addition of the Installation Manager technology.  We aim to detail the new install process, showing the entire install during the session, and sending attendees away with a step-by-step process to get a single node install of Lotus Connections 3.0 running.  Wish us luck!

The presentations need to be into IBM by December 27th, so the hard work starts now!  However, it will be an absolute pleasure to deliver the sessions in Orlando come the end of January – it is an honour to be selected out of the hundreds of abstracts that were submitted.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the sessions!

It’s worth noting that I had a couple of sessions rejected too:
Enhancing Lotus Connections Profiles – drive corporate HR information into and out of Lotus Connections. ‘Social’ information doesn’t need to equal low quality data!
– solo (Jumpstart)
Theming Lotus Connections 3.0 and Lotus Quickr 8.5 to match your corporate identity – from OneUI to YourUI!
– with my Collaboration Matters colleague Mike Bird (Jumpstart)

My aim is to get the content for these sessions documented any way, and get the content out there via the blog and the Lotus wikis if I can.

I’m still waiting to hear about a customer session (with the lovely Sharon Bellamy) and a couple of BoFs (one with This Week in Lotus co-host Darren Duke, and one covering dealing with opposition to Enterprise 2.0 adoption).  It promises to be a busy and exciting Lotusphere (is there any other kind?)!

See you there!

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