Robert Paterson - old culture has to die

The old culture has to die

Most organizations remain bound by the old rules. The power systems all use the old models. Only a handful of organizations have made the move. To make this kind of change, the old culture in the organization has to die. – Robert Paterson It’s so refreshing when I engage with an organisation that views collaboration, productivity […]

Communication patterns around the world

Taken from Richard D Lewis’ excellent book, ‘When Cultures Collide‘ (originally published in 1996, updated in 2005), this insightful graphic summarises the author’s understanding of how different nationalities and cultures might communicate during a sales/purchase process: Gus Lubin writes in Business Insider: You can’t expect negotiations with French to be like negotations with Americans, and the […]

Effective culture

An effective culture, as James Heskett has shown, can account for a 20%-30% performance differential when compared with “culturally unremarkable” competitors. — Robert Plant, Associate Professor at the School of Business Administration, University of Miami More >