Taking Collaboration to the Next Level

Ovum Butler Group have just produced an interesting free paper on ‘Collaboration 2.0’ which includes a detailed and accurate analysis of IBM’s offerings in this area.  Download it from here, registration required.

I particularly like the last couple of paragraphs of the paper:

IBM’s Enterprise 2.0 solution offerings are among the most mature and sophisticated on the market, and although some products are more developed than others, IBM generally has all aspects of this market covered. Compared to other offerings on the market, IBM’s solutions are better integrated and more capable.

IBM’s information worker strategy has lacked cohesion and direction in recent years, but the company is now back on track with a strong portfolio of products. After losing customer mind share and confidence during the middle part of the decade, IBM is starting to regain momentum and impetus. Although not yet fully developed, IBM’s online services look set to offer organisations a real alternative to on-premise applications, and in so doing will provide strong competition for Microsoft’s dominant position in the enterprise market.

Well worth a read…

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