Thoughts from the Apple keynote – best-of-breed email

Did you see the new slick Mail client built into OS X Lion?  

I love the new conversations view:

So here’s my thought…

Wouldn’t it be great if Lotus Domino supported non-Notes email and calendaring in a modern way such that users could choose to use their own choice of client in a sophisticated and intuitive way?

That they could use best-of-breed desktop and mobile clients completely seamlessly?  For me that means supporting IMAP with all the latest features such as IMAP IDLE, calendaring using Caldav and so on.  Perhaps even, shudder, properly supporting Microsoft’s own standards such that clients like Apple Mail can use their in-built support for Exchange to get the best access to Domino (as IBM has with Activesync for Traveler support for iOS).

As the suggestion seems to be that the Notes rich client will be going away at some stage in the future (though Ed has now stated that this is not the case), the time seems to be upon us for Domino to beef up its support for other clients, particularly on the mail and calendaring side…

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