Twellow, hello…

I’m sure most of you will be aware that I’m a bit of a Twitter nut these days, and am always on the lookout for good new folks to follow.  Most of the time I find them via other contacts’ replies, or else using some of the recommendation engines that are out there, but there is definitely a place for a new tool or two.

So say hello to Twellow 😉

Twellow :: Twitter Search Directory, Twitter Search Engine

This is a Twitter directory – type in the name of a contact to find out more about them (e.g. the Brillmeister):

Image:Twellow, hello...

or else browse by category to find others you aren’t aware of:

Image:Twellow, hello...
Whilst there are definitely a few rough edges to be smoothed, this is definitely one I’ll add to my ‘twoolbox’ 😛

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