VSee ships integration with IBM Connections

Love love love this!

VSee’s simplest one-click video conferencing and screen share is better than Skype, and you can use it right from your IBM Connections platform without any hoo-hah. Make your virtual teams more productive and social. Effortlessly put a live face to presentations, meetings, and work sessions and:

  • build durable relationships
  • resolve complex issues
  • convey trust
  • shorten the sales cycle
  • recruit the best-fit talent for your team

VSee integration with IBM Connections allows interactions to smoothly flow from IBM Connections to VSee IM to VSee video conference + screen share. Also, with single sign on, seamless no-admin download, and one-click calling, VSee makes it easy to get things done.

To my eyes, this integration shows video conferencing and IM done right in the context of IBM Connections communities. Whilst IBM has done some decent work integrating Sametime and Connections (presence awareness, business card etc) I don’t think that the integrated solution really shows Sametime’s functionality as well as it could currently. VSee’s solution is elegant, easy to deploy and really shows off the video conferencing abilities of the platform.

I’m also thrilled to see a steady flow of new ISVs working with IBM Connections as a platform. Nothing shows the vitality of a product better than the ISV ecosystem that develops around it!

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