Why do you blog?

Well there’s a question for you…  Why do I bother to get up at 5am just to get my thoughts up on my blogs? Does anyone ever read them? Does it really make a difference to any of my loyal (ahem) readers?

Well this was something I covered in my “Art of Blogging” session at a recent Connectr event…

However, what brought this to mind today was that I happended upon an interesting post by a Realtor out in the States (isn’t the Web wonderful!), who covered this very subject including the following paragraph – I have edited it to make it more relevant to my industry:

“Here is a hierarchy of objectives you can pursue with a true weblog, as opposed to a hand-crafted keyword-packed splog:

   1. Readers who like what you have to say
   2. Enough to return to read future posts
   3. Enough to subscribe by email or RSS feed
   4. Enough to promote your weblog to their friends or associates
   5. Enough to use you for a real estate transaction relevant project or purchase
   6. Enough to commit to you for their future transactions projects or purchases
   7. Enough to refer you to family and friends
   8. Enough to refer you to strangers
   9. Enough to actively campaign for you with anyone who has a real estate technology need”

Interesting thoughts, huh?  Especially points 5-9.  Now I am not saying that the only reason I blog is to generate ongoing business (heck if it was, I’d have given up a long time ago), but it is a consideration.  Would my blog (or any other that you read) cause you to use the author for key projects or to refer them to family or strangers?

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