Collaboration Matters 1 – UKLUG 2007 (Taking Notes 67)

How thrilling!

After a couple of years of listening to Bruce and Julian on the Taking Notes podcast, and being excited to get a mention once or twice for the Quickr Blog, I have finally plucked up the courage (thanks to Neil Burston’s suggestion) to dip a tentative toe into the murky world of podcasting.  

On Tuesday evening Neil and I got together in our sleepy little corner of the Cotswolds and recorded a number of discussions regarding the recent UKLUG meeting.  We had already suggested to Bruce that this might happen, and offered a 5 minute slot to befitted into his ongoing Taking Notes schedule.  So off we went wondering how on earth we were to fill 5 whole minutes with useful chat, and started to cover the atnosphere of the day, the major sessions, some of the personalities involved and so on.  By the time we’d wrapped up the conversation, 25 minutes had passed!!  So a second try ensued, this time with slightly less waffle and fewer Umms and Ahhhs, and we were down to 12minutes.  Errr, this wasn’t as easy as I had imagined.

So, final go (it was appraching 11pm) and we managed a reasonably coherent 6-minute recording.  Neil spent a further hour or so tidying up the recording and converting to MP3, and then pushed it over to Bruce.  In what seemed an incredibly short period of time, this has been slotted into its very own Taking Notes podcast, and is live (with a link on Vowe.Net even).  Amazingly, for a first try, it sounds reasonably good – I’ll let you make up your minds on that though!…

So to listen to Taking Notes episode 67 head over to the Taking Notes site now (or else refresh your podcast feed in iTunes etc.)!

However, that’s not quite the end of the story…  Neil and I have been pondering a series of podcasts focusing on the Collaboration business and Lotus community in the UK and Europe, to be released under the “Collaboration Matters!” banner.  I think that Bruce and Julian do a fabulous job with Taking Notes, as does Chris Miller at IdoNotes, so I am keen that we don’t compete on the same ground – that wouldn’t help anyone.  Therefore, the plan is for this podcast to concentrate on a UK/European focus, plus to cover a wider IBM technology brief, not just Lotus products.  These plans are still being sketched out at present, so we’ll just have to see how it all happens.

In the meantime, I have taken the 12 minute version of the UKLUG chat and created episode one of the Collaboration Matters podcast (a proper RSS feed will follow shortly).  Let me know what you think!

Collaboration Matters Podcast – Episode 1 – UKLUG 2007

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