Wild Bill meets Computer Weekly, and IBM advertising that is almost… topical ;-)

Well, here’s a couple of surprises:

1.  I’ve met Ian White a number of times at previous Lotus events, and never knew he wrote a blog for Computer Weekly – very cool.
2. IBM on-line advertising does, just sometimes, get it right…

Image:Wild Bill meets Computer Weekly, and IBM advertising that is almost... topical ;-)

A nice informal wrap-up of Lotusphere that is in a publication that doesn’t cover Lotus products very often, so well done to Ian for getting this up there.  Love the link to Bill‘s quote, though I do worry for Bill’s reputation sometimes.  Having spent some time with the man, the Lotusphere hard-drinking image isn’t what he’s all about…  

Finally, IBM advertising that is both topical and appealing.  Note the date and time guys, you may need to use that quote against me one day!

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