Atlassian Confluence 3.5 Released: Share and Discover More Content

As an Atlassian partner, we are hugely excited about the new release of Confluence which is released today.

The new 3.5 release is overflowing with new features and improvements. Here I focus on two new features that will help you bring more users into Confluence environments and help them discover content that they want to know about.

In Confluence 3.5, every page and blog post has a new Share button that allows you to instantly notify the right people about content they should know about.

Confluence 3.5 also ensures users are kept up-to-date with the content they care about thanks to Autowatch. Now whenever you create or contribute to content in Confluence you are automatically added as a watcher so you never miss another user’s edit or comment.

Check out this short video below to learn more:


This is only scratching the surface of Confluence 3.5 – there are many, many more new features.

Confluence 3.5 - learn more

Share Content with Your Team, Instantly
Tired of using IM and email to notify your team members about an update? In Confluence 3.5 we’ve introduced the Share Button so you can instantly share any page or blog post with a fellow Confluence user right from Confluence. That means no more application switching! All you need to do is click the Share button, specify which users you’d like to notify, provide a quick message and Confluence will do the rest.

Stay in the Conversations You Care About
Have you ever published a blog post but forgotten to watch it and missed out on the ensuing discussion? With the new Autowatch feature you’ll always stay updated on the content you care about even if you forget to manually watch the page or blog post yourself. Whenever you create, edit or comment on a page or blog post, Confluence automatically watches the article for you.We’ve also provided the option to only watch new blog posts of a space so you can discover the content that’s ‘newsworthy’ without receiving every dirty detail. Lastly, if you are receiving updates about a page or blog post you just don’t care for anymore, every Confluence email provides a ‘Stop watching this page link’ so you can stay updated on everything you care about, and nothing you don’t.

With Confluence 3.5 it’s easy to share what you know, and discover what you don’t.

Confluence 3.5 - learn more

(We’ll cover other features of the new release in future posts…)

We’ll be urging our existing Confluence customers to get upgraded to 3.5 ASAP.  If you’d like to know more about Atlassian, the Confluence product or upgrading to the 3.5 release, please get in touch

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