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Another great find via Twitter, this time from @idonotes – thanks Chris 😉

Welcome to kablink, the new home of

Make Teams Work
Online communities.
Social networking.
Team Collaboration.

When it comes to team collaboration, everyone wants the latest Web 2.0 technology—wikis, blogs, file sharing, secure threaded discussions, and the list goes on. And every software vendor swears they have ‘The Best’ of each tool. Here’s the point: You need all this groupware in one integrated environment—along with real-time presence—to achieve true enterprise collaboration and transform collaborative social networking into a competitive advantage. That’s what we call Open Collaboration.

Communicate. Create. Discuss. Manage. Meet anytime, anywhere.

Welcome to kablink. A single Integrated Collaboration Environment that establishes a collaborative group workspace of people, teams, functions, tasks and content all working together to drive effective teamwork to the next level.  And best of all, it comes from a proven software provider with a decade of experience delivering successful team collaboration and real-time communication solutions to leading organizations. Now, take advantage of this expertise in open source collaboration.

I’m going to download a copy to contrast with the Lotus offerings, so I don’t know too much about the product’s abilities, but I can certainly see a lot of the more techie SMBs I work with taking a good long hard look at the solution.  Check out the project brief here (PDF)…

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