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Give us back our lotus.com!

by Stuart McIntyre
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Up until very recently, any URL that started lotus.com (or www.lotus.com) would be redirected to http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/ and then the rest of the url appended, e.g.

http://lotus.com/quickr became http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/products/quickr/ (or http://www-some strange random number.ibm.com/impossible/to/remember/url/quickr for short)

This was true for all the major Lotus products.  However this no longer works, with a 404 appearing.  I know that lotus.com has long been deprecated, but it is very convenient shorthand, and I see no reason why it should be made to resolve to the difficult to remember IBM URLs.  Even more irritatingly, appending the product name to the IBM Lotus home URL doesn’t work any more either, it’s now products/.   I betcha microsoft.com/exchange goes somewhere useful 😉

UPDATE: It does still work if you use www.lotus.com rather than just lotus.com.  i.e. http://lotus.com/quickr goes to the correct product page.  Thanks to Carl for the tip 😉


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