What matters to Collaboration Matters ?

Collaboration really does matter to us. We started our business on the principle that helping people to work together in new and smarter ways was a good thing to do.  We won’t hire anyone in our business unless they exhibit a passion for this. So Social Business is in our DNA. We understand that many […]

Social Business: Collaboration comes of age

Deloitte Consulting: The application of social business systems and practices is facilitating discovery and creating connections across the enterprise. It is also radically changing the way we think about core business strategies and goals. It makes real-time collaboration on tasks and documents possible, and provides a systematic view of who knows who, who knows what, […]

IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Webcast

If you don’t take part in the monthly IBM Collaboration Solutions monthly community webcasts then you are really missing out.  Run by the wonderful Joyce Davis, they’re great opportunities to catch up the latest news regarding ICS/Lotus products, to hear from those active in the community and to have an opportunity to feed back on […]

Different technology, same values

A Lotus Notes ad from the R5 days, circa 1999: ‘I am ready‘, ‘I am connected‘, ‘I am not alone‘, ‘The power to work the way you want‘, ‘Share work and ideas‘ and so on… This was describing Collaboration, Messaging and Workflow software from 13 years ago, but could so easily be describing the impact […]

The Collaboration Diner – an Introduction

Anyone that follows me on Twitter will have seen that this week has been rather dominated by a single topic, The Collaboration Diner, and was brought to you by the hashtag #cbdiner 😉 So I hear you cry, what is The Collaboration Diner? Many of you, especially those in North America, will be aware of […]

Learning from competition

Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper, writes on the correct way to deal with competition: Reacting well to competition requires critical analysis of your own product and its shortcomings, and a complete, open-minded understanding of why people might choose your competitors. They’re not fanboys. They’re not brainwashed by “marketing”. Your competitors’ customers aren’t passing on your […]

Face it…the content-centric approach to knowledge management and collaboration is broken

Face it…the content-centric approach to knowledge management and collaboration is broken. Fortunately, there is a different perspective that your business can take. Like the view considered by Copernicus, consider that your knowledge management doesn’t revolve around content, but rather around people. After all, people are the source of the content. Knowledge doesn’t originate from the […]

The four pillars of collaboration

There’s an interesting post comparing the IBM/Lotus and Microsoft collaboration strategies and product line-ups over at the AIIM blog: IBM and Microsoft both offer quite good collaboration functionality. Which do you go with? That depends on your organization’s approach to messaging and IT infrastructure. If you have decided that your collaboration strategy will focus on […]

Guest Speaking at Collaboration University 2009

Rob Novak brings us the latest news from the Collaboration University crew: Collaboration University welcomes guest speakers Collaboration University is pleased to welcome back the Usual Suspects – Chris Miller,  Carl Tyler,  Warren Elsmore,  Gab & Tim Davis, and the SNAPPS gang, but this year we have also invited some guest speakers to cover a […]

Collaboration software – a free alternative

Another great find via Twitter, this time from @idonotes – thanks Chris 😉 Welcome to kablink, the new home of icecore.org Make Teams Work Online communities. Social networking. Team Collaboration. When it comes to team collaboration, everyone wants the latest Web 2.0 technology—wikis, blogs, file sharing, secure threaded discussions, and the list goes on. And […]