Have you listened to This Week in Lotus recently?

As you may be aware, Darren Duke
and I have been recording and publishing This Week in Lotus for 9 months

The show is a weekly panel discussion about the Lotus (or IBM Social
Business) brand, discussing ‘all things social, collaboration,
technology and community’, and we feature an ever-changing cast of
IBMer, business partners, ISVs, customers and analysts.  We record
every Thursday and release the show via our site at thisweekinlotus.com
(and iTunes, Blackberry Podcasts, Blubrry etc.) on Friday.

The last few weeks we have had a very well-received set of shows, and I
wanted to highlight them here:

Week in Lotus 037 – Live from Lotusphere 2011
– February 7 2011
Episode 37, recorded Wednesday 2nd February 2011, live at Lotusphere
2011.  Darren and Stuart are joined by Mary Beth Raven, Kat
Mandelstein, Paul Mooney, Bruce Elgort, Mitch Cohen and an audience of
Lotusphere attendees for a discussion of topics surrounding the

Week in Lotus 038 – Orlando’s but a distant memory. Onward!

February 14 2011
Episode 38, recorded Thursday 10th February 2011, looking back on
Lotusphere 2011, possible Lotus re-branding, whether Social Business is
well understood, the popularity of Lotus-focused books and more…

Week in Lotus 039 – Mastering XPages (but not on the Mac)

February 18 2011
Episode 39, recorded Thursday 17th February 2011, discussing the
massively successful ‘Mastering XPages’ book, Domino Designer on the
Mac, Watson and more… (featuring the authors of the Mastering XPages

Week in Lotus 040 – Design at IBM/Lotus – the inside track on OneUI and
device-specific design
– February 25 2011
Episode 40, recorded Thursday 24th February 2011, discussing the design
and information development methodology at work inside IBM/Lotus with
IBM’s Director of User Experience and Information Development, Nokia’s
decision to partner with Microsoft, the new XPages forum and more…
(featuring Chris Paul and Mat Newman)

Week in Lotus 041 – I’d like to see Steve Mills do the monkey dance

– March 4 2011
Episode 41, recorded Thursday 3rd March 2011, discussing the work of
analysts, the state of the collaboration marketplace in 2011, IBM’s new
Social Business campaign and more… (featuring James Governor and
Angela Ashenden)

We’d love you to listen to the shows, if you haven’t already, and if
you enjoy them, please tell others in your organisation and beyond.
 We recognise that the podcast format isn’t for everyone, but
there is such great content shared by our guests on the show, it would
be wonderful to see it reach a wider audience!

Thanks again to all those that take part in, listen and offer feedback
on the show – we appreciate it!

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