How connected are you?

Seeing as it is universally recognised that all us Lotus bloggers are ASWs (!), you’ll be wanting to know how’s you’re rated as far as being “connected” in the community, right?

Well, at least in the Twitter world, that’s now possible, albeit in a rather simplistic way.  Enter, Simply type in your Twitter ID (or someone elses), and you get an indication of how they rank for “influence”.  E.g. my ID gives the following:

Twitter Grade: 80 – Rank #3,453 out of 17,554

The Twitter Grade measures the relative power of a Twitter user. It is calculated as a percentile score. A grade of 80 means that the user scores higher than 80 percent of the other user profiles that have been graded.

Your grade is calculated using a combination of factors including:

* The number of followers you have

* The power of this network of followers

* The pace of your updates

* The completeness of your profile

* …a few others.

For comparison, here are some notables in the community:

@belgort 85%
@edbrill 92%
@vowe 88%
@alanlepo 86%

Clearly, still some ‘AS’ to be done 😉

* Update *
Can’t believe I missed Mr. Social Networking himself, Chris Miller!  He rates a 90% too.

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