IBM Connections Activities: too many nodes

Hit this issue the other day with a customer (and yes, it was a mammoth Activity!)… Here’s the IBM technote (emphasis mine):

In IBM Connections, what is maximum number of entries that can be added to an Activity?


In IBM Connections, it is possible to add content to an activity either in the form of an entry, to-do, section, etc. Internally, each of these types of items is classed as a node.

When trying to add a new entry to a large Activity that already has many such nodes, the user will receive the following error: 

“There were problems saving this form.
CLFRA0784E: Error adding node. This activity has reached the maximum allowed number of nodes.”


The maximum number of nodes that can be created per Activity is set to a hard-coded limit of 2000.  The user receives the above error when this limit has been reached.

The limitation is non-configurable. It was imposed because of the load on the database needed to retrieve the data associated with large Activities. During internal testing, it was found that Activities in excess of this size caused performance and stability issues.

It’s unlikely that you will hit this issue very often, but if you do, it’s good to know what that rather technical error message means…

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