Influence made with social. Made with IBM

IBM has just released a new series of video spots under the ‘Made with IBM‘ line:

Made with IBM banner

What’s the world making today?

We live on a Smarter Planet, where data, mobile, social and cloud are transforming industries and allowing us to create value in new ways.

The evidence is abundant and it is everywhere. Watch it grow here.

This is the one on Social Business:

Taken independently, I’m a bit conflicted about the message to be honest. I’m not sure I agree with their definition of Social Business, nor whether two ladies taking a photo on a mobile phone is really the best illustration that could have been chosen…  As a suite of videos, ‘Made with IBM’ has a much more cohesive message.

Anyway, check out the ‘Made with IBM‘ playlist and see what you think ? I’d be interested in your comments…

Stuart McIntyre is a Senior Strategist at Fostering Community Limited. He curates a number of product-focused news sites, is a lapsed podcaster, founded the Social Connections user group and regularly speaks at conferences and events. This blog represents his own slightly-eccentric and usually-controversial opinions!